From July 2018, classes will be taken over by Kate Bowsher Dog Training who will continue to offer a range of structured indoor courses with an emphasis on dogs and owners having fun.  Kate worked as a Senior instructor for Canine Education for six years prior to taking over classes, and as a member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, she uses reward based methods that are suitable for all the family.

Kate Bowsher Dog Training offers the following classes, all of which can be booked from our online booking page (see menu on left).


Puppy Classes.  For puppies under 20 weeks of age, these classes are essential to give your puppy the best possible induction into its early education process.  Whilst appropriate socialisation and habituation is important so is making sure they are well trained in basic commands. This is where as an owner you make the advance from puppy party to puppy school.

Beginner Classes.  Follow on course for puppies that have either completed a Puppy Course with us or elsewhere.  Beginner Classes provide a natural progression from puppy school into more comprehensive training. If you have a dog under 20 weeks then our puppy classes should not be missed.
Older dogs that have had no formal training before, rescues or those who require a refresher are also welcome to attend, as there is no upper age limit.

Intermediate/Improver Classes Continuation of what is learnt at Beginner classes – but taken to a completely new level.  Still fun but greater distractions and more challenges for you and your dog – taking your training to a higher standard.

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