Outdoor Classes


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PUPPY OUTDOOR ESSENTIALS (for vaccinated pups up to 6 months of age)

Key ingredients for pleasurable outings with your dog are;

Loose lead walking, coming back when called, etiquette around other dogs & people, and focussing on you despite distractions.  The earlier we start this process, the easier it is to achieve these goals.

This relaxed yet informative session is a great opportunity to build on socialisation too, all under the expert guidance of 2 qualified trainers.

No tests; just fun! Well behaved children welcome.

Your dog must be happy in close proximity to other dogs and not be aggressive in any way.

Only £10



An opportunity to refresh and revisit some core areas of your dog’s training, with a group of likeminded people. Loose lead/off lead heelwork, recalls, stays and leave are covered over these three outdoor sessions.  No tests; just fun and the opportunity to socialise whilst training. Suitable for dogs that have completed Beginner or Intermediate level.  Well behaved children welcome.

Dogs must be happy in close proximity to other dogs and people including children. Cows, pheasants and the odd squirrel may also be present!

This course is not suitable for dogs who have only completed Puppy Classes as your dog must already be proficient in the basics of stay, leave, recall and lead work.  Please consider the Outdoor Puppy Essentials sessions and a Beginner Course instead.

£36 for 3 sessions



With cows, squirrels and the occasional deer, rabbit or pheasant watching, this 5 weeks course is ideal for those wishing to build on the foundations already achieved from indoor training courses.

Improve your dog’s off lead reliability, as well as lead walking skills, stop at a distance, stays, recalls and general steadiness against a variety of real life distractions.  Whistle training will also be taught.

This course is for dogs that have completed Beginner or Intermediate level training, either with us or another training club.  It is unsuitable for dogs that have completed only a puppy course.

Your dog must be happy on and off lead, in close proximity to other dogs and people, including children.  Please do not enrol if your dog is nervous of other dogs, aggressive in any way or is very vocal.  Do contact us if you are unsure.

£89 for a five week course



These popular workshops have in the past covered ‘Retriever Training’, ‘Hunting under direction’, ‘Steadiness & Impulse Control’, ‘Cold Game’ and ‘Gundog Training for Beginners’.  Our training style is very relaxed and non competitive, and positively encourages pet gundogs as well as those destined for picking up or beating.






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Woody and we have had so much fun on your outdoor course.  Woody loves the toy that he won; we are very proud.  You make it so enjoyable and we always learn so much.  This is the second outdoor course we have done with you plus the indoor classes and I’m afraid you haven’t seen the last of us yet.  What a great team you are!