For Puppies up to 20 weeks old

Our puppy classes are essential and the sooner you start the better.  It is critical that every puppy, regardless of the owner’s experience, is given the opportunity of positive early socialisation and training. Without it your dog could lack confidence with dogs, people or indeed their environment, have little or no bite inhibition and require remedial behavioural work later on.

Our reward-based training is effective and easy to understand for all the family. We provide structured training, supervised play sessions, socialisation, preventative advice and plenty of time for your puppy to learn off lead. Within a controlled but distracting environment you will learn to keep your puppy’s attention, training them to respond to both verbal and hand signals. We teach you how to train your puppy to

  • Walk nicely on lead
  • Follow you off lead
  • Leave objects they shouldn’t have
  • Sit
  • Lie down
  • Come when called
  • Not to jump up
  • General good manners

The play and socialisation sessions will help with;

  • Bite inhibition
  • Being handled and groomed by strangers
  • Approaching and playing appropriately with other dogs
  • Coming back to owners during play

Whilst our training methods use food as rewards, we will show you from the start how to phase them out so you do not have a food dependent dog. Class numbers are strictly limited to ensure plenty of individual tuition as well as group participation. There are at least 2 training instructors per class.

Remember that socialisation is only of benefit to your puppy if the experience is positive.  Think twice before exposing your puppy to negative situations.

These popular classes fill quickly. Book your place now to avoid disappointment.

Six week courses at Curridge Village Hall (and sometimes at Frank Hutchings in Thatcham) are £102 including weekly guidance notes and telephone/email support.

This course is not suitable for dogs that are nervous of or aggressive to other dogs or people in any manner.  Please refer to our Terms & Conditions before booking.  

Click here for course dates, availability and registration. 


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